Long-Term Game Sustainability (aka Why I continue to play STO)

A couple of days ago was the three-month mark since I started playing Guild Wars 2 full time. I have been plugging away pretty diligently at GW2, essentially sidelining STO for the duration, and got all five of my characters to max level. They are nowhere close to being fully kitted out; in fact, I haven’t even started working on Ascended Gear for anyone yet. But my exposure to this very different gaming experience got me thinking about the long-term sustainability of MMORPGs.

Keep in mind my experience with MMORPGs is still rather limited, between STO, GW2, Rift and to a much lesser extent, Champions Online. I’m only going by what I know.

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Enterprise-LOLwot Stats

As one of my readers helpfully noted, the STO stats of the Enterprise-J (as well as the Klingon-J and the Romulan-J) have been revealed. Other players on Reddit have already posted some good evaluations of the stats, but I thought what the hell, I have a blog so why not do my own breakdown, right?

Before we get into the stats, take a look at that image up top. Yeah, I kinda want to see the Enterprise-LOL in that scale in-game, just to satisfy my morbid curiosity. I would despise it, but… hell I already do! So why not?

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