sinkingshipWith the new skill system, I experimented with a skill build that’s heavily specialized in the science skill tree (23 points). Did Heidy become a new Science Goddess of Death?

Yes she did. In the sense that she died a lot.

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Season 11.5 First Thoughts


Star Trek Online Season 11.5 hit a few days ago, which of course includes the much anticipated (also much dreaded) skill revamp. If you’re curious about all the nitty gritty details, hop over to the Admiral’s blog for a rundown; I am going to show some restraint this time and just talk a little about my first thoughts.

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Starfleet Windows OS


Lately my company computer is having a major lag issue because of┬áthis TrustedInstaller service, which is a Windows Module Installer that is scheduled to automatically run everyday. When it runs, the physical memory ramps all the way up to 95% or more, effectively preventing anything else from functioning. Because it’s a company computer, I can’t turn the damned thing off and our tech support is taking their sweet time “investigating”.

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