Solo – A Star Wars Movie (Review)

Replacing a well-loved, iconic character with a different actor is already dicey. Having that new actor headline a movie about that character? Even riskier. That’s the reality that the Solo movie found itself in, and my speculation is that what caused it to under-perform at the box office. It is the first Star Wars film to be considered a “bomb”… but is it really that bad?

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T6 Ambassador and T6 Vor’cha

A couple of canon Trek ships that had been requested for AGES are finally getting their T6 versions: The Ambassador-class (best known as the class the Enterprise-C belongs to), and the Klingon mainstay during the TNG era, the Vorcha. Announcement is here, though I find the format a bit curious, since it doesn’t specifically say this is an incoming T6 bundle.

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